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Years 5 & 6 Primary

Years 7 + Secondary

Follow On Classes & Enhanced Skills

Basic Photoshop/Photo Editing


For this age range it is about getting the children familiar with holding the camera and establishing its primary uses. It is most important that it remains a fun activity so we explore taking photographs of each other as well as images from nature.

Children are set a project each week and we ask parents to email there images for class review. I aim for the children to #Learn the basic settings #Take an accurate photograph #Learn photographic terms #Shoot and review their work #Understand different types of photography

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In the Secondary group we look more closely at the various functions a DSLR camera has and what they do. We have more scope to play around with lighting and how it can affect portrature. We will look at still life photography and editing skills. I aim for the children to #Learn to take a good photograph #Put together a small portfolio of images for teacher review and feedback #Understand different styles of photography #Understand the many functions of a digital camera

Following on from the success of the introductory course I offer an additional course to further the students skills.

This will be individually tailored to suit the student group and will involve a more indepth study in to creating and editing great images.

Dependant on availability of software to the school Photoshop editing can be included.

Photoshop is quite a complex programme which can be taught in bite size lessons. Photo manipulation can be quite the art form and a great skill to have as it can be very valuable in so many fields, from estate agency to journalisim and any business which involves IT.

These lessons can be a one off special to help your staff edit images for a website or a series of lessons to continue photography as a subject to your students.